SLA Phase 2 Building Improvements Underway

Many people have been wondering what is going on at the Sand Lake Ambulance building. Didn’t they just do a lot of work on it?”

Last fall, Sand Lake Ambulance (SLA) completed building improvements to our station that reinforced a “ready to collapse” flat roof over the ambulance bay, widened the bay doors to accommodate the dimensions of the larger ambulances and replacement of wiring and lighting that dramatically improved energy efficiency. Now we’ve just kicked off our Phase 2 plans for building improvements.

Most critically, the Phase 2 initiative entails the replacement of structurally damaged walls and windows that were in danger of failing (see photo).

SLA Photo Collage of Phase 2

Several other improvements are being made, most noticeably the construction of a training deck and a portico over the garage bay doors. The deck that will be added to the building will allow the SLA volunteers and other emergency responders to train on the use of devices such as the “stair chair” and the Reeves stretcher, which are often used to get patients out of tight places in their homes where the regular stretcher just won’t fit. The portico will minimize the snow from piling up against the ambulance bay doors during a storm. Parking lot expansion and paving as well as construction of and additional walkway to the building will also take place over time.

Phase 2 also includes an energy efficiency initiative that will result in monthly savings on utility costs. This includes the installation of new insulated fiberglass doors to replace the old and rusted exterior doors, replacement of the crumbling shingles on the peaked roof, a host of energy efficient internal lighting and smoke/CO detector upgrades, and a building face lift that will replace the current drab and faded vinyl siding with new, better insulated material. A new more energy efficient heating system has been installed and the energy savings from this improvement should pay for itself in less than four years.

This project is being paid for by our annual fund drive & will not adversely impact our budget or support needed from the town of Sand Lake.

As you start to see this activity underway, rest assured it won’t adversely impact SLA’s ability to respond to emergencies. These projects are the culmination of years of careful budgeting, with a great deal of thanks to the community for their past and continued support through our successful fund drives over the past years. Your generosity has made this possible.


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