Over 1,600 Averill Park High School Students Have Learned CPR Since 2009

Dec 2012 — Averill Park High School received a donation of CPR anytime kits and continue efforts of training all high school students in the simple life saving skills of Hands-Only CPR. Mr. Brey Engle’s freshman seminar along with Mrs. Olga Ashline’s Junior & Senior health class take part in this two day mass training exercise.

Sand Lake Ambulance volunteers, Averill Park School staff and local survivors train over 400 students in two days, reaching over 1,600 students in the past few years. An effort which began in 2009 by Mrs. Ashline and the High School’s Nurse Mrs. Johanna Flanigan.

Michelle Haller, a cardiac arrest survivor of Loudonville, spoke to the students about how CPR saved her life, “It’s not just the random stranger on the street, it could be your mother, your child or any loved one that you’re around the most”, Haller said,  “This can happen to anyone of any age or physical condition, I was very fit and in shape when my heart stopped on the soccer field October 2009”. Read more about Michelle’s story.

In March of 2012 they celebrated reaching over 1,000 students! Read the related story.


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