“volunteerism is dead” — WRONG!

Whoever thinks volunteerism is dead may want to try something new.

WARNING: These numbers are very exciting!

As of April 3, 2013 we have 40 members, of which 29 are riding as active EMTs, drivers or in training to become EMTs. After the 1st Quarter numbers were analyzed, they are on track to logged 4,764 hours (19,056 projected for 2013) of on-call hours this year.

This is 3,000+ more hours than last 2012 (15,964) and 5,400+ more hours than 2011 (13,608) and 10,000 more hours than 2010 (9,505). In 2009, we had two (2) people contributing over 500+hrs on call and this year we have 26 members projected to reach 500+ hrs/yr.

Tonight we had four new members voted into our organization as probationary members and three new applications for membership presented. These hours do not reflect the countless hours our members invest outside of just riding the ambulance. Our 5 line officers, 4 executive officers and 5 board of directors are passionate about making a difference in their community and leading this amazing team of life-savers!

We also have amazing professional EMT & Paramedic staff whom we couldn’t do our job without!

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