What is involved in being an ambulance volunteer?

Volunteers typically are on-call one night per week (6PM to 6AM) and one weekend every five or six weeks, and also attend monthly member meetings and periodic drills. Training to become an EMT is usually a 14-week class offered two or three nights per week. Training to become an Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVO) is on-the-job and the duration of training depends upon call volume and the progress shown by the EVO trainee. Most longtime volunteers eventually serve in some office (e.g. Secretary, Treasurer, Board Member), which entails additional responsibilities. People who want to support us with their time, but do not want to ride on a crew are also welcome to donate services (e.g. clerical skills, accounting, fundraising, etc.). Call us at 518-674-2221 or stop by one of our meetings (7:00, the first Wednesday of every month) for more details.