Do you receive money from the Town of Sand Lake and/or from Rensselaer County?

We do not receive any County or State funding. We also do not receive any funding from or through the fire departments. We do have a contract with the Town of Sand Lake to serve the Town. Partly due to having some paid staff, but for many other reasons as well, it is estimated that it cost well over half a million dollars a year to operate SLA. SLA leadership estimates that $225,000 of income will be realized from billing recovery, $33,000 from its annual fund drive, and a pittance from interest earned. The Town contract is for slightly less than $266,000 this year

Based on information obtained from the assessor’s office, the average taxable parcel in the Town of Sand Lake is assessed at $189,419. The taxpayer impact due to our contract to operate SLA is less than $75 on the average parcel.