CPR – Keys to unlocking survival of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Over 1,600 students & staff trained since 2009!

Since 2009 we have trained over 250 students annually (juniors and seniors) at Averill Park High School with the life saving skills of CPR.

In February, 2012 we began a new program to train over 300 freshmen in hands-only CPR and the use of a defibrillator (AED).  This is all at no cost to the school district as our volunteers happily donate their time and skills to teach these classes.

CPR is easy, anyone can learn it and it only take a few minutes!

Learn CPR in 90 Seconds

Learn CPR in 90 seconds — Ken Jeong shows off his CPR skills!

Watch Vinnie Jones — Hard & Fast CPR from the UK!